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Physical Therapy etc. is pleased to offer a variety of yoga classes, including children's and power yoga, with CJ Lacy Hanks, RYT 200.

CJ started practicing yoga hoping it would increase flexibility for her other athletic endeavors. After several years of experimenting, yoga became the one practice that made her feel strong and flexible in body, mind, and soul.  She found she could practice it nearly anywhere, anytime, despite injury or fatigue. CJ completed her 200 hour training with Om My Yoga Academy in Harrisburg.

Yoga can improve physical strength, balance, and flexibility and often leads to mental calmness and improved concentration in children and adults.

CJ hopes her classes will be found comfortable for everyone, whether you consider yourself a yoga novice or an experienced yogi.  All are welcome!

If you are interested in a class but don't see any classes that fit your schedule, please contact CJ and let her know.  If enough people request another time or another type of class, CJ will do her best to work with you and your schedule.

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Group Sessions

Gentle/Chair Yoga

Give your body the opportunity to relax and release, using a chair for support and balance.  Perfect for the beginner and those looking to increase mobility or to improve their mind-body connection.

Mat Yoga

All-levels Hatha yoga class.  Should be able to get up from the floor without assistance.

Private Sessions

  • 50 Minutes
  • One-on-one attention!
  • Opportunity to get the modifications and practice that is just right for you.
  • Contact CJ to schedule - 717.677.2040 or